Q: How do I increase the volume of Festival / decrease the volume of my MP3s so that I can hear the speech over the music ?

A: 1) Add the following to the end of your /usr/lib/festival/lib/siteinit.scm or /usr/lib/festival/siteinit.scm :

(set! default_after_synth_hooks
     (lambda (utt)
       (utt.wave.rescale utt 1.0 t))))

Q: Why am I getting "client(3) Tue Mar 14 22:57:24 2000 : rejected from localhost.localdomain not in access list" errors on my RedHat box ?

A: You're probably running redhat, which comes with a broken /etc/hosts. You probably have a line in it similar to:       localhost.localdomain localhost
You need to modify that line so that the first item is "", and the second item is "localhost", like so:       localhost localhost.localdomain
The problem is, festival is getting a connection from (loopback), resolves that address to "localhost.localdomain", sees that "localhost.localdomain" is not on its access list, and rejects the connection. "localhost", however, is on that access list, and if you put it first, it will solve this problem.

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