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I was looking through the referrers to speechio.org in the apache logs,
and came across this one:


A few quotes:

"...have NetSaint talk to you and tell you whats wrong with your network." 

"In order to use Featival in a practical manner you'll also need to
install speechd."

Completely Scientific Ratings 

Funness Rating: 100% 
Ability To Impress Co-Workers Rating: 100% 
Usefulness Rating: 30% 
Wise Use Of System Resources Rating: 5% 

The Upsides 

* It gives immediate audio feedback on the status of your network, which
  is quite useful if you're in the server room working on other things
* It will impress your boss and co-workers... 

BTW, I'm sending this to speechio@lists.speechio.org.