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*tap* *tap*

Well, looks like this thing's on.

As you may recall, eons ago, there was this speechd thing, and a web site
& mailing list happened, both hosted by a guy still in my address book as
xs <xs-list-speech@undef.net>.  The host & xs have apparently both
vanished without a trace.  And xs's whois record
looks like it's seen some corruption.

www.SpeechIO.org has been moved to a box hosted by N-tropy@N-tropy.com
(and cleaned up a bit), and this list has been moved to
speechio@neverlight.com, hosted by Mental@NeverLight.com, both good
friends of mine.

All of you are here because your addresses were in "From:" fields in a
mail folder from the old incarnation of the list
(speechio@lists.undef.net).  If you object, just email
majordomo@neverlight.com w/ "unsubscribe speechio".

At some point (I think as soon as the mx record change propagates),
speechio@lists.speechio.org should be a usable address for this list.

Welcome back, and thanks to N-tropy & Mental.