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[SpeechIO-219] stampede/adaptive technology/unix admin guy

<needo> You the author of speechd?
<Darxus> yes
* needo pats Darxus on the back
<Darxus> heh, um.. ?
<needo> I am a UNIX SysAdmin for an adaptive technology company.
<needo> I keep a close eye on linux for the blind, too bad the commission
currently does not pay for training or support for it

There is apparently a blind guy who uses the nic "vortex" that has created
a program called "yasr" -- yet another screen reader.  I'm interested in
writing a screenreader in perl that uses festival (maybe through speechd).
A screen reader is a program that reades text off the screen outloud, so
blind people can use computers.

<needo> http://www.wpi.edu/~mgorse/yasr/

<needo> Im also a developer for Stampede Linux, do not be surprised if
your program becomes a package. =)

so.. is good.

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