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Re: [SpeechIO-203] speechd install help needed

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Joshua Thomas wrote:

> client(1) Tue Nov 16 13:35:09 1999 : rejected from localhost.localdomain not
> in access list
> Hopefully this means something to some of you. =)

Actually, it does :)

echo localhost > /etc/HOSTNAME

Should fix it, I dunno if you'll have to reboot.  (Of course, you wouldn't
have to reboot, but I'm not sure what you'd have to restart to get it to
re-read that file).

By default, festival only allows connections from "localhost" -- your
machine's name is "localhost.localdomain", and this is not on the access
list.  You could optionally add this hostname to the access list.

You'd think this wouldn't cause this problem... but, it does.  

I think.

Let me know.

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