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Re: [SpeechIO-203] speechd install help needed

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Joshua Thomas wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I'm attempting to install speechd. The use of this mailing list is my
> last resort; I'm sure you all have better work to devopling speechd. In
> any case, here's what happened:
> 1) Downloaded/installed festival & the MBROLA voices. I have RedHat 6.1,
> so everything was RPMS.
> 2) Downloaded/installed speechd.
> 3) Festival works: echo "test" | festival --tts

I'd be interested if you could tell me exactly what files you used for
redhat.  I know exactly what it takes for Debian, since that's what I use
(you can just do an apt-get install of one of the voices -- if you apt get
install, it won't install a voice).

> 4) Sending text to /dev/speech ie echo "test > /dev/speech, does not
> work. Speechd and festival --server are running. I am using esd, but I
> not been able to get speechd to work if esd is not running.

I have seen this stuff before.

Run speechd w/ a -f (foreground), & please paste the output to a responce
to this email.

> (And appoligizes to Darxus for waking him up on #SpeechIO the other
> night)

My monitor is on a table by my bed.  My keyboard is on my bed.  My mouse
is on a book on my bed.  When I'm in IRC running speechd & speech.irc, it
can be very difficult for me to stop talking to people & go to sleep.  I'm
sorry.  Yeah, I could just do /speechoff, but... I'm an adict.

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