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[SpeechIO-144] Re: Festival & OS Errors

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Prabhjot Singh wrote:

> Hello,
> I am an undergraduate student at Boston University and am conducting a
> Senior Honors Thesis in Personal Knowledge Structuring.  The technical
> part of my project involves routing linux OS error messages or general
> messages to speech output as well as display.  I came accross you name
> from the Blinux site.
> Any help you might be able to provide in terms of strategies, possible
> solutions, or contacts would be much appreciated.  Currently, I am
> considering writing a device driver of rewriting the perror call in libc
> to make a call to festival.

Well, speechd's function is to make implementing speech synthesis easy.
Load it up, and append plain-text to the file /dev/speech.  Quite simple.
I suggest sending all the errors you're interested in to a log file w/
syslogd, and then grepping for the specific parts you want, and outputting
that to /dev/speech.  If you're interested in this stuff, I'd suggest
subscribing to our mailing list by sending a blank email to

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