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[SpeechIO-143] Re: FT: speechd / flow control (was: Re: flow control / festival-talknotworking ?)

On 21 Sep 1999, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> This is a complete aside, but what are the chances you might implement
> speechd in C?  I find the overhead of the perl limits my use of it
> on the lab machine (64Mb PII) --- I've entertained the idea of doing
> the port myself should I ever find a spare block of time.

Kyle has interest in this, and has begun working on it.  Mostly so that it
can be done as a kernel module to create a true /dev/speech device (as
opposed to mimicing it w/ a fifo).

I'd incourage you to join the mailing list -- send a blank email to

My opinion is that relative to the massive overhead of Festival, speechd
is nothing.  I'd be one of the last to discourage re-writing a program in
a lower level language if the only effect will be increase in efficiency,
but I think in this case (as I've discussed with Kyle), completely
re-writing speechd in C would result in more significant increase in
effort necessary to maintain and improve it than it would increase in

But if you want to port it, I'd be happy to package it with the perl
version & give users the option during the install.  And hey, I'm always
open to being proven wrong :) 
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