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[SpeechIO-122] slashes v1.5 submitted to freshmeat

Most of you should know that slashes is a slashdot ticker to which I added
speech synthesis support via speechd.  Since its creator, Alex Shnitman,
is not currently actively maintaining slashes, I am, with his approval,
taking over its maintenence.

I just submitted slashes v1.5 to freshmeat.  Changes since v1.3 (Alex's
last version) are:

# Darxus
# v1.3+speech Dec 11 19:31:11 1998
#  Added speech synthesis support requiring speechd:
#  http://SpeechIO.undef.net/
# Darxus
# v1.4 8393 Wed Aug 11 22:35:35 EDT 1999
#  Okay, I've gone and incremented the version number.
#  Hakan.Lennestal@cdt.luth.se informed me that v1.3 did not work w/
#  current libraries without remarking out lines 94 & 180 (of v1.3).  So
#  I've done so.  Also changed formatting of output to /dev/speech.
# Darxus
# v1.5 9272 Sat Aug 28 12:04:50 EDT 1999
#  Got permissin from Alex Shnitman to take over maintenance of slashes.
#  Improved speech I/O.
#  Display date of last update.

Alex: I'd love to have you on the SpeechIO mailing list.
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