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[SpeechIO-115] todo

<ali__> I just tricked speechd in supporting mbrola .. and I dis *not*
test irc-suport of speechd, as my IRC-client is not able to execute irc-II

Okay, MBROLA support is high on my list.  ali, if you're here, I'd love to
get a copy of your modified version of speechd, to see how you did it.
Ohh... you left an address.. k, you're cc'd.

<mortis> one big drawback of the modularization is that it would
immediatly become
<mortis> linux dependant

You mean using a kernel module, not just splitting word substitution out
to a perl module, right ?

<mortis> yeah, if we do the tight IO control module, then it'd just have
to be something that speechd uses if it's present, and reverts to the FIFO
if it's not

That I like.

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