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Re: [SpeechIO-12] speechd v0.39

Ok, the attached shoudl include my changes -- I held off on hte regex change
because we were talking about it not working...

from the last entry in the changelog:

v0.46 11943 Mon Aug  9 13:02:22 EDT 1999
 Created initial makefile

 Added pod documentation to speechd and catspeak.  The make file now
 builds and installs man pages for catspeak and speechd.

 Implemented the functionality of the install in the makefile, and removed
 the install script.

 Implemented the functionality of the uninstall in the makefile, and removed
 the uninstall script.

 At line 181, I changed $path (which wasn't defined) to $fifo which is the 
 correct behavior (I think).  This was brought to light by the fact that
 I added -w to the #! line at the top of the scripts :)

 Made numerous other changes necessary so the script would run with the 
 '-w' cmdline switch, and the 'use strict' directive.  This mostly consisted
 of using 'my' where appropriate -- sorry if this breaks stuff, but its
 proper form to use '-w' and 'use strict'.

btw, if we decide to add in the kernel module, I'll probably change the 
build process yet again -- since the kernel module would require other
stuff, I'd incorporate a configure script into it...for now I held off
because we're really just using install/perl and a few otherwise required

lemme know if these changes are appropriate/good/wanted/etc...


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On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Darxus wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Kyle Burton wrote:
> > I'll address these responses in an email shortly, I just wanted you to know
> > that I'm in the process of heavily modifying the package (.tar.gz file)
> > based on 0.45.  I'm adding a Makefile, and pod documentation to the two
> > scripts in the archive.  Where should I send my changes?  I'm going to be
> > sending a .tar.gz file...should I attach it to the list?
> well, there is a .tar.gz of 0.46 at http://www.op.net/~darxus/speechio/dl
> -- sorry I failed to copy it to undef.net.  It's a minor change having to
> do w/ the /var/run/speechd.pid file.
> I would suggest that you mail your updates to me, and I can put them on
> both pages.
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