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Re: [SpeechIO-96] packaging


> I'd like to merge Tuomas' debian packaging stuff with Kyle's make dist, so
> anybody w/ a tarball of speechd can do a make clean;make dist, and get a
> tarball & a debian package.
Actually, it doesn't go like that way. To build a debian package, you
include dir speechd/debian w/ a bunch of extra files. These files are
completly useless for about 96% of the people using speechd because to
a deb you need a Debian system with all the developement stuff
Even not every Debian system even have these installed. For people who
wants to build their debs, we could provide speechd_0.xx-x.dsc,
speechd_0.xx-x.diff.gz and speechd_0.xx.orig.tar.gz that I use
to build the deb. It just isn't wise to include the mods to build the
with the official tar.gz. Dot. ;)

Tuomas Jormola <tj@sgic.fi>
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