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Re: [SpeechIO-85] storing substitutions in a flat file instead ofa hash

How about a CSV format, with single quoted fields?  There are even CSV modules
for Perl, but CSV (with the quotes) would be fairly simple to parse given
a regex.

Or a three line approach?

expansion string all on one line -- use \n for embedded metacharacters

expansion string all on one line -- use \n for embedded metacharacters


with a blank inbetween each line -- this would potentialy be the easiest.
simplest to process, very simple to edit, etc...


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On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Darxus wrote:

> I think that it is not good to expect users to directly edit a hash.  I'd
> like to change /etc/speechd.sub to a flat file.  Any thoughts on how we
> should delimit it ?
> We could do fixed width fields, where the 1st X columns are the key, and
> the rest are the value.  Or we could do a delimited file, but then what do
> we use for the delimiter ?
> I'd prefer not to use fixed width, because that puts a limit on how long
> the key can be (although it would be good to keep them down, I'd rather
> not hardcode that limit).
> Think comma delimited would work ?
> I suppose, if somebody wants to have a comma in a string, there's probably
> a way to escape it out....
> Could use any character... colins, tabs, etc.  Actually, tabs might be
> really good....
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