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Re: [SpeechIO-52] perl_festival_client / speech.irc nolonger needscatspeech

> A) Agree that -w should be used during development, but should it be
>    removed for releases ?

Yeah -- it's not for debugging, it's just a warning switch to perl.  If you
write your code so there are no warnings, then the -w really has no effect
after compliation (which is a very small part of the running of the program).

> B) Don't really know what "use strict" does, but what I've heard sounds
>    like a good idea.

use strict is another good thing(tm) -- it makes you declare all your
variables -- which of course should be locals.

> Just haven't gotten in the habbit....

it's not that hard, just takes about a day of discipline, then it's a huge

I like Darxus' idea of creating a perl module.  Then if we're going to
move the s/// from speechd to catspeak, it'd be really easy, and it'd make
it really easy for anyone else to use it also.

modules are the way to go...


"From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the
point that must be reached." 
    -- Kafka
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