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Re: [SpeechIO-86] Some suggestions regarding speechd directories

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Tuomas Jormola wrote:

> > > Red Hat has a file called /etc/redhat-release, which contains the version
> > > as well.
> > 
> > Good call.  Debian's got /etc/debian_version -- same deal.
> Or then we could use INITDIR variable in Makefile like this:

Nah, test for the files Michale & I mentioned.  I dunno if this'll work
(really not familiar w/ Makefiles & how their syntax overlaps w/, say,

if (test -x /etc/redhat-release); then
  echo "This is a RedHat distribution."
elif (test -x /etc/debian_version); then
  echo "This is a Debian distribution."
  echo "I don't know what this distribution is, you'll have to deal manually."

This could be quite broken, it should be tested -- and something needs to
be done with that "else" to keep it from installing that bit when it
doesn't know where it goes.  At some point I want to look at some of these
directory structures & see if we can intellegently guess what's necessary.

BTW, what about the simlinks in like /etc/rc3.d ?  Are they all the same
in systems that use this basic structure ?  (what'd somebody call it ?
SysV ?  I knew that once...)

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