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Re: [SpeechIO-86] Some suggestions regarding speechd directories

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Tuomas Jormola wrote:

> A regular user can run, lets say /usr/sbin/apache, if it's configured to
> listen a port above 1024. And still apache binary may not be in his path
> by default.

Right.  I stopped objecting :)

> What if the init.d script, that I made for the deb, would be included
> with
> the upstream source? It's pretty general so I'm quite sure that it'll
> work
> with (almost) every distribution out there using SysV-stylish init.
> The only thing that can cause problems is the location of the init.d
> scripts.
> Debian keeps'em in /etc/init.d while RedHat in /etc/rc.d/init.d,
> if I remeber right. In this case speechd would be started by root on
> system start-up after running "make install" I think that would be neat,
> or?

That would definately be cool if you could get it to behave on both of
those distributions.  There should be something somewhere you can use to
detect the distribution.

I figure some other package has got to do this... should be able to get
example stuff form somewhere.

> > Do your modifications give the uninstall the ability to remove files from
> > old locations ?  Does the install remove old files ?
> No not yet. But it should, really. I fact, I didn't think about that
> option while modifying Makefile for the 1st time.
> But that can be easily added. Actually diff, which does also that,
> is right here below.

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