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Re: [SpeechIO-86] Some suggestions regarding speechd directories

I have disagreed with suggestions of putting speechd in /usr/sbin in the
past because it can just as easily be run as a non-root user, and
/usr/sbin is generally not on most user's paths.  But everything in my
/usr/sbin is world readable & executable.  And if the standard is that
clear, I'll stop objecting :)

I haven't been real comfortable w/ speechd.sub either.  I'd been thinking
that it should have a counterpart in ~/, but because of the nature of
speechd, it will probably not be used by remote users, and will probably
only be used by users with root access.  I don't object to that location.

Do your modifications give the uninstall the ability to remove files from
old locations ?  Does the install remove old files ?
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