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[SpeechIO-84] submitted announcement of v0.50 to freshmeat

Description of changes:

Cleaned up layout of code.  Improved rsynth I/O.  Append to logfile
instead of overwrite.  Convert "_" to " ", & strip single quote.  Write
PID to /var/run.  Man pages.  Makefile that does install / uninstall /
build man pages / build distribution.

Haven't heard any comments on frequency of announcements or style of
description of updates, so I'll just keep doin' what I've been doin' till
that changes.

I believe the last but of the changelog I posted here went up to v0.39.
These are the bits since:

v0.40 8365 Aug  8 04:13:18 EDT 1999
 Cleaned up stuff -- handling of variables & comments.

v0.41 8384 Aug  8 05:04:02 EDT 1999
 Improved (unbroke?) rsynth I/O.

v0.42 8385 Aug  8 10:31:07 EDT 1999
 Open logfile to append instead of overwrite.

v0.43 8678 Aug  8 10:49:27 EDT 1999
 1) Strip single quotes so that "they're" is treated as 1 word
 2) Convert "_" to " " so that
    isn't read as "#twilight underscore zone_sex with_yellow underscore
    orangeish underscore giant underscore sand underscore worms underscore
    from underscore mars" (finally).

v0.44 8606 Aug  8 11:19:58 EDT 1999
 Merged strip of single quote & conversion of underscore to space.

v0.45 8863 Aug  8 21:01:56 EDT 1999
 Write PID to /var/run/speechd.pid, at Turmio's request

v0.46 8865 Aug  8 21:21:13 EDT 1999
 Write correct PID if daemonized, & changed pid file to speechd.pid (found
 by Turmio).

v0.47... well, see next entry :)

v0.48 11943 Mon Aug  9 13:02:22 EDT 1999
 We lost a couple of incrementations between Darxus and I...0.48 should
 get around the confilcts...

 Created initial makefile

 Added pod documentation to speechd and catspeak.  The make file now
 builds and installs man pages for catspeak and speechd.

 Implemented the functionality of the install in the makefile, and removed
 the install script.

 Implemented the functionality of the uninstall in the makefile, and removed
 the uninstall script.

 At line 181, I changed $path (which wasn't defined) to $fifo which is the 
 correct behavior (I think).  This was brought to light by the fact that
 I added -w to the #! line at the top of the scripts :)

 Made numerous other changes necessary so the script would run with the 
 '-w' cmdline switch, and the 'use strict' directive.  This mostly consisted
 of using 'my' where appropriate -- sorry if this breaks stuff, but its
 proper form to use '-w' and 'use strict'.

 This version lost the change from v0.45 to v0.46.

v0.49 12483 Tue Aug 10 21:50:53 EDT 1999
 Re-added fix that was done from v0.45 to v0.46 & lost in v0.48.
 1st attempt by Darxus to use Kyle's make dist.  Sweet.  :)

v0.50 12484 Tue Aug 10 22:09:17 EDT 1999
 Strip single quote instead of converting it to a space.

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