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Re: [SpeechIO-52] perl_festival_client / speech.irc nolonger needscatspeech

> Someone on the Festival mailing list was looking for source code for a
> festival client.  There's stuff available (I believe in C & iin java), but
> I felt like writing a Perl example.
> 16 lines, not including lines that are just comments or blank.  Would be
> 10 without non-critical user-friendly extranous print's.  
> Reads text from STDIN & speaks it through a TCP connection to a festival
> server.
> http://www.op.net/~darxus/speechio/dl/perl_festival_client
> Just tested my theory re: speech.irc/catspeech/etc.  Successfully replaced
> catspeech w/ "cat >> /dev/speech".  Requires speechd v0.35 or greater.
> Haven't uploaded it.

I know this might be nit picking, but can we use '-w' and 'use strict' in our
perl programs?  They tend to improve the quality of the code, and make for
less debugging headaches...I already (I hope not inappropriatly) added this 
stuff to speechd and catspeech.


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