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[SpeechIO-50] EOFs (was: Re: [SpeechIO-12] speechd v0.39)

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Kyle Burton wrote:

> the 'cat' in the first terminal exits.  This is the classic problem we've
> seen before.  Even if I do a 'cat >> spk' in the second terminal, when I
> send the EOF (CTRL+D), the first cat closes.  This is not the behavior we 
> want?  Or am I missing something?

I finally got home & got to test that.  I'm happy to say that you seem to
be incorrect.

I'm running speechd v0.46, which only ever opens the FIFO once.  

I have speech.irc running with catspeech (the modified version, which only
opens the fifo once).  

I did:

57 darxus:tty4@d-bm4-16:~> echo test >> /dev/speech
57 darxus:tty4@d-bm4-16:~> echo test >> /dev/speech

and then went back to my IRC program & messaged myself, and festival *did*
speak.  According to your hypothesis, it should not have.  speechd's
connectino to /dev/speech should have been broken by an EOF from either of
the echo's.

Also, I did:

57 darxus:tty4@d-bm4-16:~> cat >> /dev/speech
this is on virtual terminal 4

58 darxus:tty6@d-bm4-19:~> cat >> /dev/speech
this is on virtual terminal 6

this is on virtual terminal 4, after a control-d on virtual terminal 6

Again, the last line I typed, according to your hypothesis, should not
have been spoken.  But it was.  speechd is not loosing it's connection to

So there is no sleeping, and there is no reconnecting.

And about the strange problem I had that I was thinking may have been
caused by the EOF problem you believed to exist -- the problem occurred
when I was running speech.irc w/ catspeech, killed speechd, then reloaded
speechd.  Speech from IRC would then not work until I killed catspeech &
reloaded speech.irc

So I ask you again, is this implementation of /dev/speech broken ?  And
after the results mentioned above, is it at all inherently flawed ?

And as a side effect of these changes (which you may have already
realized), It looks like catspeech (as it is currently functioning) is
unnecessary.  The "cat" program should do what is needed for speech.irc
now.  Will go check.

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