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Re: [SpeechIO-28] /'s in Speechd.sub

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Posh Spice wrote:

> That works for me =)  Honestly, I didn't really care if it could be done,
> it was moreso that the file was misleading when I was adding in acronyms.

The reason for there being stuff in there it can't currently handle is
that I basically just copied that hash out of ircspeak (link on the

> PS: The speechd works great, except for a little bit of speech overlap

Are you using esd ?  esd agitates the problem, which is a result of the
fact that I can't do any kind of flow control with festival.  There is no
"okay, I'm done speaking what you just submitted" signal returned that I
could wait for before sending more.  That is... bad, in my opinion.  
I actually don't have the latest version of festival (there isn't a debian
package yet, and I prefer to wait).  If the latest version does not have
this feature, I will definately be attempting to talk to the creators of
festival about it.

Actually, if one of you people who've installed the latest version (check
version #s on the festival site if you don't know) could run speechd w/ a
-f (run in forground) and paste me some output (I'm looking for the lines
starting w/ "festival:"), that could help a lot. 
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