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Re: [SpeechIO-28] /'s in Speechd.sub

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Kyle Burton wrote:

> This should work as an alternative:
> $text =~ s/\b(.+?\b)/$wordsub{$1} || $1/eg;
> it basicly says:  word boundry (anything, non-greedy) word boundry
> I'm going to incorporate it into my changes...unless you say otherwise.

Go for it.  But is it actually going to do what you want ?  It looks like
\b matches anything that doesn't match \w [a-z][A-Z][1-9], so it looks
like it would still ignore things like slashes ?

The problem is going to be determining exactly what characters we want
included in substitution, and which we don't.  You're not going to want to
include any of the following "',.()[] 
because they will all be found right up against words (w/out any
whitespace or anything else to delimit them), and so a word up against one
of those characters wouldn't get replaced as it should.  

But if we were to do a bruteforce foreach $key in %wordsub... we wouldn't
have that problem.

I predict a new flag :) 
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