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Re: [SpeechIO-12] speechd v0.39

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Kyle Burton wrote:

> I'll address these responses in an email shortly, I just wanted you to know
> that I'm in the process of heavily modifying the package (.tar.gz file)
> based on 0.45.  I'm adding a Makefile, and pod documentation to the two
> scripts in the archive.  Where should I send my changes?  I'm going to be
> sending a .tar.gz file...should I attach it to the list?

well, there is a .tar.gz of 0.46 at http://www.op.net/~darxus/speechio/dl
-- sorry I failed to copy it to undef.net.  It's a minor change having to
do w/ the /var/run/speechd.pid file.

I would suggest that you mail your updates to me, and I can put them on
both pages.

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