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[SpeechIO-17] Re: speechd esd patch

On Sun, 8 Aug 1999, Josh Miller wrote:

> I was able to get speechd to work with esd (enlightenment sound deamon)...
> Line 226 simply needs modified to be:
> 	system ('esddsp festival --server &');

What version of speechd are you using ?  Entry from the changelog:

v0.32 7162 Aug  7 18:18:18 EDT 1999
 -e flag & $use_esd speechdrc variable, to use the Enlightened Sound
 Daemon (esd)

Does the exact same thing.  It's documented in my current copy of the
README, dunno what version I updated it for.

> I don't know whether or not it works similarly to rsynth, but I'd bet it would
> I think it'd be great if this were added to the README, as it took me forever
> to figure out how to get it to work.

Unfortunately, rsynth does not appear to work in that manner.

> In the same matter.... esddsp festival --tts [file name 
> works on the command line for testing.

Good idea, thanks.

> This package if really awsome.... love it, thanks!!! right now, I'm only using

Glad you like it :)

> it for my tik (aolim) package with the mouth.tcl packaged added to it. That

I've been meaning to try that...

It just occurred to me... it could be neat to get a link to the SpeechIO
page on http://www.aim.aol.com/tik  (although it would help if that page
weren't blank).  

> worked without any modification, as I'm guessing all speechd related stuff


> willl work with esd now, as well as anything accessing the festival --server.

Yeah, should.

> As a completely unrelated workaround, just incase you're interested in using
> esd, mpg123 works without patching if you simply move it to mpg1234 and create
> a text file with nothing but:
> esddsp mpg1234 $*
> and mpg123 will then work seemlessly with all it's available frontends too
> (though I've only tested that with gqmpeg and the command line, mpg123 doesnt'
> run in a server mode or anything, so it should work with all frontends in the
> same fasion).

61 darxus:tty4@d-bm4-19:~> cat `which mp3`
esddsp mpg123 -@ /home/darxus/mp3.lst -Z $*


> I'd be happy to mod the README, or just create a README.esd to ship with
> speechd if you want, but I'm guessing you'd want to handle that since you're
> the package maintainer.

Actually, I love when other people do the updates :)
But development of this thing can be pretty rapid sometimes. might wanna
email me/talk to me on IRC before doing updates, so as not to duplicate

I posted an update to freshmeat last night announcing v0.39.  speechd's
currently up to v0.44, but I've only uploaded a debian package of it so
far (my 1st attempt at a .deb). 

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