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[SpeechIO-16] speechd esd patch (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 15:45:06 -0400
From: Josh Miller <rtst@rtst.net>
To: Darxus@op.net
Subject: speechd esd patch


I was able to get speechd to work with esd (enlightenment sound deamon)...

Line 226 simply needs modified to be:
	system ('esddsp festival --server &');

I don't know whether or not it works similarly to rsynth, but I'd bet it would
I think it'd be great if this were added to the README, as it took me forever
to figure out how to get it to work.

In the same matter.... esddsp festival --tts [file name 
works on the command line for testing.

This package if really awsome.... love it, thanks!!! right now, I'm only using
it for my tik (aolim) package with the mouth.tcl packaged added to it. That
worked without any modification, as I'm guessing all speechd related stuff
willl work with esd now, as well as anything accessing the festival --server.

As a completely unrelated workaround, just incase you're interested in using
esd, mpg123 works without patching if you simply move it to mpg1234 and create
a text file with nothing but:
esddsp mpg1234 $*
and mpg123 will then work seemlessly with all it's available frontends too
(though I've only tested that with gqmpeg and the command line, mpg123 doesnt'
run in a server mode or anything, so it should work with all frontends in the
same fasion).

I'd be happy to mod the README, or just create a README.esd to ship with
speechd if you want, but I'm guessing you'd want to handle that since you're
the package maintainer.


Josh I.