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Re: [Speech-34] Re: use with esd? (fwd)

Not really on the topic of speech interfaces, but hey, we're not exactly
overflowing with traffic here yet :)

On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Alvin H. White wrote:

> </html>
> Has much work been done to play a MIDI instrumental 
> file simultaneous with a .WAV or .MP3 vocal ?
> AND keep the two time synchronized?

I would guess none.

> In other words, is the web working towards a 
> reasonably broadly understood open standard 
> whereby some composers could work with 
> complex musical instrumentals in MIDI while other 
> artists could record and digitise in the likes of 
> .WAV, .MP3 and Real Audio the to be synchronized 
> lyrics files?

I've been meaning to get a synth & play w/ midi, but I haven't.  The only
thing I know of that does any synchronization is midi -- I believe you can
do midi sync signals (between instruments).  But mp3 & wav files aren't
intended to be played with anything.  midi is an efficient format that
just stores occurrence & types of sounds (and samples ?).  Both .wav &
.mp3 store everything... all sound.  So if you were working w/ .mp3 or
.wav, I'd expect you would just put everything (including the midi) sounds
in one .wav or .mp3 file.

I think I actually remember a discussion similar to this about .wav & .mod
(remember those?).  Somebody wanted to have a .mod file synced w/ a .wav.
& the truth was, if you recorded the entire contents on top of the .wav,
it would still be the original size of the .wav, instead of having the
additional seperate .mod data. 

I think windows 98 is the 1st microsoft product capable of playing
multiple sounds simultaneously, and esd is the 1st common program that
allows multiple simultaneous sounds under linux.  So multiple simultaneous
sounds of any kind hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention.
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