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[Speech-26] bug / blinux /freshmeat

Catching the SIGPIPE & attempting to reconnect to the festival server
doesn't seem to be the solution.  When I left speechd running last night,
it didn't crash with a "Broken pipe", but it did stop reading from
/dev/speech at some point.  The "Broken pipe" wouldn't be a connection to
the /dev/speech file, right ?
It could be that these are 2 different problems.

Thanks to Michael for reminding me about Blind Linux (there's a link to it
now at http://www.op.net/~darxus/speech).  I posted a note to the blind
linux announce list about speechd & speech.irc (including the fact that
ntropy & I have communicated using these things when neither of us could
see).  Has not yet gotten through the moderator.

My submission to freshmeat still hasn't been posted.  Getting impatient.
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