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Re: [Speech-13] test

> No.  I saw this once on my machine recently.  It seems like, sometimes the
> socket connection between speechd & festival breaks.  Then the next time
> speechd tries to write to that socket connection, it crashes with a broken
> pipe error.
> If it's what I think it is, I figure it should be easy to fix.  Instead of
> dieing whenever a write to the socket fails, just reconnect....
> But I really wanna release this.  Maybe I'll fix that bug tonight, but I
> really like the "release early, release often" thing -- the more people
> that have it, the more people that might fix it.  The only reason that I
> haven't released it until now is the almost total lack of proper
> documentation.

I won't bother looking into it if you are...I'll just continue with the
device driver book...

Documentation doesn't matter.  Release, and relase often.  It is the mantra of 
OSS development for a reason.  I experienced it in cold hard reality with 
gperiodic.  That thing had a flurry of activity only after I released it,
most of which I couldn't have really imagined on my own.

> I'm in the middle of the freshmeat submission form this very moment.  I'll
> also do speech.irc right after that.

Good, I look forward to seeing it up there.


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