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wearables w/ speech interface

I've just been talking w/ the wearables mailing list about the possibility
of people making wearables for a fee, for those who can't handle it.

I got more of a response than I expected....

But the part I wanted to mention -- one of the ones quoted $3,000, *half*
of witch was the twiddler (keyboard) & M1 (display), which seem to be the
most common keyboard & displays used now.  The twiddler is a one-handed
chorded keyboard (small, can be held in the hand), and also has a mouse
pointer button thing.  The M1 is a hud that's like, 320x240 greyscale.  

I can probably dig up URLs if any of you care.

My point being, we gotta get a speech interface working... 

keyboard/HUD interface:  $1500
speech interface: $0 (assuming you were already gonna get a soundcard)
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